The Almond Group serves government relations firms, non-profit organizations, trade
associations, think-tanks, corporations and other entities that influence policymaking at the
federal, state, and local levels. Specifically, we specialize in helping executive leadership teams
create a diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy that will improve organizational culture,
policymaking, and overall business performance.

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What is Diversity, Equity,

and Inclusion?


Diversity is having people of varied backgrounds at the decision-making table. This difference covers race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability status, religion, political affiliation, age, or any other dimension of diversity.

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Equity ensures fair treatment of everyone at that table. A woman of color on staff should be afforded the same degree of contribution to a discussion as a White male on staff, with her contributions being validated rather than dismissed.

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Inclusion is intentionally inviting people to the table, while incorporating their ideas into the work, and valuing their contributions. This includes going outside of your comfort zone and immediate networks to find diverse candidates.

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